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Married life is a challenge.  I first got involved in this work because my wife & I were experiencing marriage difficulties of our own. I was looking — desperately — for answers how we could move past the bickering and the growing distance between us and get ourselves to a better place. All I’ve ever truly wanted is a “happy home.”

We’re now approaching our 19th wedding anniversary and we have two beautiful daughters. I often think about how lucky I am to be doing this work as the lessons I’ve learned have helped us get through many a difficult stretch. 

From the beginning, my philosophy has been to learn from the very best in the field. I have read widely, have listened to hundreds of talks, and have trained directly with Dr. John Gottman, the world’s leading researcher on marriage.

I joke that my wife & I have a “research-based marriage.” It may not sound romantic, but we are getting along just fine these days!

Through the pages of this blog, I will share the practical advice that has made such a difference in our marriage. I’ve now had the opportunity to work with more than five thousand couples over the past 18+ years, and this same practical advice has helped many countless couples over the years.

If you’re looking for more personalized advice, I regularly meet with couples for in-depth, “solution-focused” marriage coaching sessions. The emphasis is not on discussing your problems but on how you can move past them.

When I meet with couples for a “marriage tune-up,” I ask each of you to email me before we meet a short summary of your perspective on the issues you are seeking help with. This helps me prepare more effectively for our time together.

I will also ask each of you to read three short essays on marriage I’ve written. These essays cover common marriage struggles and how couples can get past them. This advance reading on your part helps get our sessions off to a running start and makes for a more productive use of our time together.

The marriage tune-up program fee is $295, which covers an initial meeting of 2-3 hours with shorter follow-up sessions as necessary.

You can make an appointment to meet with me directly from my Calendly calendar:

The marriage tune-up program fee can be paid via Venmo (my Venmo ID is: CreativeMarriages).

Please use the form below to ask me any questions you may have and to sign up for the program. You can also use the form below to inquire about alternative forms of payment.

I look forward to working with you both! — Peter McFadden

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