Peter McFadden with daughters Albina & Maria

About the author

Peter McFadden has worked with more than 5,000 couples over the past 18+ years.

His passion for marriage education was born out of early struggles in his own marriage — and from observing the marriage struggles of friends and family members.

Peter has read widely on marriage and has trained directly with Dr. John Gottman, the world’s leading researcher on marriage. Peter is recognized as a Gottman Seven Principles Leader.

Prior to his work as a marriage educator, Peter served as a public affairs officer at the State Department in Washington, DC, specializing in U.S.-Soviet relations and nuclear arms control. In this capacity, he traveled around the United States speaking to community groups about these important issues.

Peter moved on to found the Central Europe Institute, a not-for-profit with offices throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics. The Institute helped more than two thousand entrepreneurs in its eight years of existence, and became known for organizing many popular community events — most famously the SuperMacarena, the “world’s largest dance.”

An opportunity to meet Pope John Paul II was a turning point in Peter’s life. Before his election to the papacy, the late Pope was a popular professor of philosophy in Poland. His students frequently sought out his advice regarding their romantic affairs and — after thousands of conversations with young people about love — John Paul II went on to write many profound books, plays, and poems on marriage.

John Paul II’s central message — love is by its very nature creative — has been an inspiration for Peter in his work and in his life. Our purpose in this world is to bring out the best in all those we come across. In marriage, we have a particular responsibility to bring out the best in our spouses — over the course of a lifetime spent together.

Peter lives in Cold Spring-on-Hudson, NY, with his wife Anna and their daughters Albina & Maria.

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